Motorola has made a big image currently in the eyes of user after the consistent releases of their flag E,G and X series with their generations model in the previous years.

Motorola was once the company identified by the users and company disappered in the market but after the ownership of the company being transferred to google company launched its two budgted phone that were Moto E 1st generation amd Moto G 1st generation and their botht of these phones did a blast in the market.
All the phones currently running on the lolipop 5.0 android version and i am sure that all the released devices in the year 2014-2015 will get the marshmallow update at till the end of this year.
Motorola has even started testing marshmallow on its latest released phone that is Moto X pure edition as stated by the  Motorola Senior Director David Schuster in his google+ page.

There have been a couple reports of a Marshmallow”soak test” that has started for Moto X 2015 PureEdition. Just want to make it clear that we have NOTstarted a formal “soak test”. We have started a small TestDrive for the Marshmallow upgrade on Moto X 2015Pure Edition. We will be conducting these tests for thenext couple of weeks. Pending the feedback during thistest cycle will determine the timing of a full soak test.” 

soak test will be avaiable usually to the people who actively participate in the feedback process .The soak test will run for 2-6 weeks and results thereafter will decide about the official release of Marshmallow 6.0 to the Moto X devices.

The latest release  motorala droid phones by verizon which are to be expected in the later month ate expected to be come with android marshmallow 6.0 before hand