Iphone 6s is currently the most popular phone among the market and the Apple has recorded number of preorders in the previous days for the Iphone 6s. Iphone 6s may be a popular phone at present times but users are noticing many problems in this phone and the most irritating problem nowdays is the Overheating issue of this phone. Getting a good case cover for this phone can solve the this problem and i have heard users opting this method to save your hardware from this feature you have to go through this guide of fixing overheating Issue ??

Main Reasons of overheating :-
1.When the Iphone 6s is new every user is excited and he is curious to know the every feature of the phone and is excited to invent the new features as well but users forget that multitasking can lead to a big lag in the phone and it is primary reason for overheating as well and which is leading to fast drainage of battery and bad backup of battery and slow battery charging.
In case your Iphone 6s can gets overheated you dont have to panic , just go to your nearest Apple store and tell them about the issue but before them you can try these steps as well which i am going to tell you guys in my later post.
How to fix Overheating in Iphone 6s ?
1.If your Iphone 6s is overheating when it is plugged in the charger then there is no need to worry as this is pretty usual as stated by Apple.
2. Update to Ios 8 , this may solve your problem of Overheating.
3. A app which us main reason for overheating is Facebook app, Users can try uninstalling the facebook app and can see a change in overheating issue and if in case problem dosen’t go you can try checking other app in the phone.
4.You can try rebooting your device with the Power button this can solve your problem as well.
5.The last opted way for the overheating issue is the Complete restore of the Phone.